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Kurumi Dental Clinic

Welcome our websitehKurumi Dental Clinich

We will provide reliable dental care and comfortable space to everyone.


  • Medical examination schedule

      Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
    9:00`13:00 › › › ^ › ›
    14:30`18:00 › › › ^ › ›
    The reception desk is open 30 minutes before the end of the clinic.
    Our basic closing days are Sunday,Holiday and Thursday.
    When Monday is a holiday in the week ,the clinic is closed on Thursday afternoon.
    Please check our website or call us to see if there are any changes each month.
    A calendar of office visits and treatments can be found at the end of this page.

  • About health insurance.

    Please be sure to bring your health insurance card.
    If you don't have an insurance card, It will be at your own expense. Please be careful.
  • Our hospital is a reservation system.

    Please call to make an appointment before coming to the clinic.
    We do accept emergency patients, but you may have to wait.
    Please call us first to make an appointment.

‘‹xfFOne day closure 
‘ŒίŒγ‹xfFThe afternoon closure 

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